The Astros are so far behind any other team in the major leagues in walks

The Astros are so far behind any other team in the major leagues in walks that I don't even wanna tell you how few we've drawn.This team is SORRY.So anyway, we have bases loaded and Keppinger is up.And he does the Astros thing and replica Bvlgari Diagono Aluminum watch .Keppinger has fallen to his level of expected mediocrity.And yeah, I know that makes him Lou Gehrig on this here team (to Michael Bourn's Babe Ruth…) And with a man on third, Clank grounds out.

He’s not as fast as Willy, or even Everett or Burke, but he has surprising speed for such a large person.He ran back to catch a fly ball on the warning track (and yes, it was a FB that even Burke would have caught I’ve seen him do it) and I was VERY pleased to see that unlike Willy, he took a direct route to the ball.And NO, Milo, it was most definitely NOT a spectacular play, not by a LONG shot.It was just a long fly ball that replica Chopard 278358-2004 watch of ordinary center fielders catch.So far, just fine, but he only had 3 plays and I want to see how he does with both the tricky corner in left near the bullpens, with the corners near the hill, and with the open area near the RF bullpen.

This “Proven Veteran” stuff is bull replica Tissot T005.510.16.267.00 Men's watch because all Duck has proven is that given a chance, he'll suck.So they gonna send down Luke Scott at least he'll get some AB down there.Last night, bats worked VERY well.Willy Taveras went 0 fer 5 (and didn't reach base for the first time in 5 games) and Jason Lane went 0 fer 2 with 2 BB dude better get stealin some bases he's been stuck on 5 for 2 weeks.

wisely figuring that a AA guy would hit fastballs and probably not hit ML breaking stuff

Bush, wisely figuring that a AA guy would hit fastballs and probably not hit ML breaking stuff, threw him 9 of 12 different breakers, but K’d him on a fastball.Fouling off 9 pitches? Now THAT is impressive for a real major leaguer and is replica Chopard 168459-3001 watch for a guy who had exactly 3 weeks of A in his baseball career.And NO Milo, he did NOT get a standing O for that.I was freaking THERE, OK? He got a hand, not a standing O.Pence also was hit by a pitch and singled on a fastball thrown by the tiring Bush.He DOES run fast.

That to me, is REALLY important because players who spend their careers in a low key media market like Houston and are quiet and usually say Bull Durham stuff to reporters don't get much recognition for their baseball accomplishments.This replica Tissot PR100X Steel T14.1.486.32 Men's watch is the second big milestone Biggio has reached this year the last was 1000 RBI.He has 1615 runs, 1064 BB, 573 2B (one more to catch Charlie Geheringer) 236 HR, .286 BA and a .373 OBP.Not quite Rickey, but then again, who is?

Still, this IS HOF standard for a second baseman and I'm sure glad to hear someone from the East Coast media say so.Baggy took his 1400th walk last night (and scored a run) his shoulder don't work but his batting eye still pretty good.Bad news for some reason I do NOT understand, we are keeping Brandon Duckworth on the major league roster because, as one of the TV announcers said last night, he is out of options and some other team might replica Tissot T91.1.483.51 Men's watch could want him and we need him in case some pitcher gets hurt.They must be kidding.Exactly what about this really lousy pitcher keeps getting him all these chances? Why not use Gothreaux or Wandy Rodriguez instead? At least they can pitch decently.

was so impressed with Redman for putting his Legend in cement that he shipped him

Billy Beane, Genius, was so impressed with Redman for putting his Legend in cement that he shipped him and Arthur Rhodes, the Undervalued Closer-in-Waiting who Couldn't, off to Pittsburgh for Jason Kendall and a bag of Big League replica Tissot T17.1.586.32 Men's watch Chew.Kendall, of course, is the leading candidate for AL MVP, the bag of Chew was greatly enjoyed by the batboys, and Redman, delighted to be back among the losers is, this year1-2 in 5 GS with 32.1 IP, 1 HR, 10 BB, 17 K, a 2.78 ERA, 1.14 WHIP and a .241 BAA.-

Career totals on winners and losers replica Tissot T-Race Steel Chronograph Men's watch and a .270 BAA.- vs.HOU only 1 game a QS gave up 3 ER in 8 IP with 8 H including 1 HR, 1 BB and 7 K for a 3.38 ERA, a 1.13 WHIP and a .250 BAA.He has never pitched at the Box.First, a few milestones and game notes from last night:Craig Biggio stole his 400th base.For the first time I can remember, Tim Kurkjian said that Biggio IS a Hall of Famer (not something like should be considered for or something like that) on BBTN.

Most of the damage was done by the bottom of the lineup Adam Everett, Brad Ausmus, Chris Sampson who scored TWO runs and hit a single up the middle thru an infield expecting a sac-bunt and Biggio, who hit an RBI sac fly to left, walked, hit a 2 RBI triple (this was a REAL one, not a single and a 2 base error like the one the other day) scored replica Chopard 27 8239-42 watch runs and drove in 3.Carlos Lee didn’t do squat.Luke Scott walked and scored a run.Loretta went 2 fer 4, drove in 2 and scored a run.And of course all yall want to know how Hunter Pence did.Well, his feat of the night was his 12 pitch strikeout in the second inning.

traded (lucky him) to Detroit at the trading deadline for something warme

He only pitched 51 innings in 01 and was traded (lucky him) to Detroit at the trading deadline for something warmer.In 02, he went 8 15 on a BAD team with 203 IP with a 4.21 ERA, 1.29 WHIP and .268 BAA and unlike so many others, was rewarded for his few years in hell by being traded to the Marlins in 03 where he went 14 9 with a 3.59 ERA, replica Tissot T17.1.486.53 Men's watch and .239 BAA and won hisself a Ring.He caught the computer eye of Billy Beane, Genius, as being “undervalued” and he signed a 3 year contract with Oakland, where, to cement the Legend of Billy Beane, Genius, he went 11 12 in 191 IP with a 4.71 ERA, 1.50 WHIP amd a .292 BAA.

Now, here’s where it gets to be fun Sampson and Biggio scored easily and Mansolino held up the stop sign for Loretta at third.Lance had overrun the bag a bit, and Hart, the RF, threw the ball into the second baseman and Lance was caught in a rundown.He managed to avoid the tag, until Loretta, suddenly coming to his senses and realizing that the replica Chopard 168457-3002 watch infielders had forgotten ALL about the runner on third, sprinted for home without drawing a throw and then Lance let the fielders tag him out.A three RBI single.How about THAT?I had FUN explaining all that to Lil Miss, who is just beginning to get the basics down.It’s up a little for him dogging it down to first yesterday and overrunning first.

I had no idea that Clank could throw the ball from left to first good for him for proving me wrong.Meanwhile, the Stros go down 1,2,3 on 7 pitches in the 5th, go down 1,2,3 on FIVE pitches in the 6th and 7 pitches in the 7th.Clank is the only one who hits the ball well, and if his hit had been like 15 further to the left, replica Bvlgari BB23SSD Ladie's watch would have been a CBox homer instead of an out.Moehler throws 2 scoreless and Fulchino throws 1 with 2 Ks.Then in the 8th, Q smartly bunts down the 3B line (I wonder why no one did this before) and Mills sends up Jason Michaels instead of Cory Freaking Sullivan to bat and Michaels singles up the middle.? Then Bourn walks.He's the only guy on the team who walks.


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